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Thinking First of Patients’ Safety, Naebalsandong Yewon Dental Clinic

Running dental clinic for several years I have been always thinking to create safer dental environment and take care of my patients’ safety. I think it should be my duty to care of patients’ unknown environment. It is quite important to concern dental water and dental air, in particular, for they are used in patients’ mouth.
What’s critical to make dental water safe is to control biofilm in dental waterline because biofilm is the residual contaminations of dental water. Also the contaminant of dirty particulates, rust and moisture in dental air from dental compressor is potential risk to patients’ safety. What I have found from the contaminated dental water and dental air is the clogging of my hand pieces and unpleasant smell. With my hand pieces clogged up and my treatment troubled I found its reason or sources. They are from the dental waterline and airline.

I have considered a lot of water purifiers in market and failed after all.
However, with the help of QATER™ Hybrid I was relieved from the concerns. It really worked to remove biofilm in the dental waterline and afterwards my hand pieces never clogged up. From the concerns on the contaminants of dental airline I was relieved with the help of QATER™ Air 2 Aroma. This also gave me comfortable aromatic air instead of unpleasantly smelling air. I am now so proud to say that I am happy to do my job in my dental clinic by providing my patients with safe dental environment.

For the dentists who have any concern or trouble with the waterline or airline, I strongly recommend the QATER™ Hybrid and QATER™ Air 2 Aroma.





Dr. Jae-Hun Seo, DDS

Naebalsandong Yewon Dental Clinic






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